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Appenzeller Extra

has been mentioned in documents over 700 years old, and was once even used as currency! It continues to thrive today as one of Switzerland’s favorite cheeses with over 70 dairies producing it. There are three different ages in which the cheese is released: Classic (3-4 months), Surchoix (4-6 months), and Extra (6+ months). Spicy and flowery, this Black Label cheese is initially soaked in brine. As it ages, the rind is rubbed with a mixture that may contain up to 20 ingredients including wine, cider, yeast, herbs, spices, and salts; each affineur may have his own concoction. This cheese can be very strong, but it is excellent when used in recipes like fondue.

​Origin: Switzerland
Milk: Raw Cow   Rennet Type: Animal    Age: 6+ months
Look: Distinctive black and gold label, washed dark red-brown rind, straw colored paste with a few larger eyes evenly distributed
Feel: Firm, open, smooth
Smell: Mild
Taste: Spicy, fruity, tangy
Pairs well with: Riesling
Tastes good with: Summer fruits. Use in fondue, sandwiches with a hard salami and jam, omelets with smoked salmon or smoked trout.


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