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Jacquin Selles Sur Cher

Le Selles sur Cher is an AOC-certified chevre produced in the region of Sologne in Central France, and dates back to the 19th century where it was first made in its namesake town of Selles-sur-Cher. Its edible ash-covered rind gives the flavor a slight minerality, and the creamy and fluffy interior is both a little salty and sweet!

Origin:  France
Milk: Raw Goat   Age: Up to 3 weeks  Rennet Type: Vegetarian
Look: Wrinkled ash-covered edible rind, creamy ivory paste
Feel: Creamy, fluffy, firm
Smell: Goaty, musty
Taste: Salty, sweet, nutty
Pairs well with: Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerres, or a light and fruity red
Tastes good with: Enjoy after a meal in thin slices with wine
Recipe: Scallop Selles-sur-Cher Crostini


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