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Chef Amy Riolo is proud to introduce her first privately-labeled Italian extra – virgin olive oil from the world-renown Trappeto di Caprafico.  The selection of olives includes three cultivars –  predominately the Gentile di Chieti and the Intosso (which is indigenous only to Abruzzo) varieties, with a touch of the Leccino variety as well. The careful blending of these olives lends sweet, harmonious, and fruity characteristics to the flavor of the oil. Cold-extraction and natural filtration combined with its’ very low-acidity rate make this oil the perfect choice for both ultimate flavor and health benefits.

Who is Amy?

Well besides a dear friend of mine, Amy is a renowned expert on the cuisine and culture of the Mediterranean.  Amy is a food historian, culinary anthropologist, and Mediterranean Diet advocate who makes frequent appearances on numerous television and radio programs both in the United States and abroad.   You can learn more about her on her website


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