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Caveman Blue
is a rich and complex blue cheese made from the Certified Sustainable Cow’s Milk from a single herd of cows in Oregon. The natural rind allows some moisture to be released, resulting in its thick, buttery texture, and it has just the right amount of crunch, with flavors of sweet buttermilk, mild spice, grass and hay, beef and bacon. This is truly one of the best blues in the world, which is evident by the many awards, both domestic and international, it has earned.

Super Gold Medal– 2014 World Cheese Awards in London, England
2nd Place: Rinded Blue-Veined Cow’s Milk- 2013 American Cheese Society Awards, Madison, Wisconsin
Bronze Medal- 2013 World Cheese Awards, Birmingham, England
Bronze Medal- 2011 Global Cheese Awards, Frome UK
Silver Medal- 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest

  Oregon, US
Milk: Raw Cow        Rennet Type:   Vegetarian              Age:  Cave-aged minimum 6 months
Look:  Rugged natural rind, slightly golden paste with blue veins
Feel: Thick, buttery, dense and firm
Smell: Fresh and grassy
Taste: Lush and creamy with a slight crunch, sweet and fruity with vanilla undertones, grassy, beef and bacon flavors
Pairs well with: Bold reds like Zinfandel, sweet and fruity Icewines, playful whites like Tokaji, and full-flavored stouts.
Tastes good with:  Fruit and nut crisps, orange marmalade, stewed shallot compote

Recipe: Caveman Blue and Beet Salad Bites


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