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Do you ever feel like your eating the same things day after day?

Is your family getting bored with dinner or worse, are you getting frustrated coming up with new ideas for meals?

We can help.

Honestly, we want to help.

Here’s the thing, if you strip down the components of any dish what do you have?  Well, there’s usually a main protein, some vegetables perhaps, seasonings and something to bind it all together.

In its simplistic form a dish is just an easy formula of  a + b + c + d  where all these variables can be interchanged.

“But,” you say, “don’t I have to stick to the recipe?”

Absolutely NOT!

Our very popular Greek Farro Salad is delicious alone, but you can make an evening meal out of it by tossing it with arugula and adding grilled chicken, pepitas, and hemp seeds.

Greek Farro Salad Tastings Gorumet Market

You can also grill or saute some shrimp, beef, pork, or tofu, and add it to this salad for a more substantial meal that we promise will bring many smiles from your family.

Remember, a lot of recipes can be totally transformed into other meals simply by adding ingredients or exchanging ingredients.

We hope you’re never at a loss again on preparing something new for lunch or dinner.

Have you tried our Greek Farro Salad and paired it with something else?

We’d love to know what you did in the comments below.

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