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Selezion Black Truffle Oil 1.9oz

Unlike many truffle oils which use extra virgin oil, Selezione Tartufi black truffle oil is made with high quality olive oil, which imparts less fruity olive flavor, allowing the winter black truffle flavor and aroma to shine through. This truffle flavor is clean, more complex, and less assertive than many other truffle oils on the market.

Selezione black truffle oil has a more robust, mushroom-like-flavor than Selezione white truffle oil.  Compared to many other oils on the market, it offers a significantly cleaner mouth feel and a softer finish (not cloying or overpowering), gently carrying you through the meal rather than interfering with later dishes or repeating in you after you eat.
Size:  2.11 oz
Origin:  Italy
Producer:  Selezione

Recipe: Five-Star Restaurant Steak Marinade with Truffle Oil


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