Bio Planete Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil



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Craftsmanship and tradition are the foundation for Bio Planete Pumpkin Seed Oil.  It’s roasted and pressed according to Austrian tradition.  The large, hull-less oil pumpkin seeds are peeled from the pumpkins by hand, washed, and pressed.  The flavor is remarkably nutty and perfect in salads, drizzled on sweet potatoes, or baked in desserts.

It takes the seeds of 30 to 50 pumpkins to get 1 liter of Pumpkin Seed Oil. The oil’s characteristically dark color results from high contents of chlorophyll and carotene in the seeds’ coats.

Today, it is impossible to imagine natural food stores in France and Germany without BIO PLANÈTE, a brand that is synonymous with organic quality and passion for fine oils.

We are very happy to have found this brand and provide it to you.

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