Panettone Waffles

panettone wafffles4

Is this dessert or breakfast?? Either way, we want it this holiday season! ​Serves 2

PsycheDillic Bagel Sandwich

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When first encountering a disc of PsycheDillic, with all it’s goat tang and dill flavors, you may wonder just what exactly you could do with it. One of the best ways is as a substitute for cream cheese on bagels! This recipe turns that idea into a full meal, perfect for any meal of the […]

Caramelized Fennel & Goat’s Cheese Tart


Spring is here, and it’s almost Easter! Pay special homage to this wonderful time of year and try some recipes featuring spring vegetables at their peak, like this one courtesy of Vermont Creamery and Adventures in Cooking! With fresh chevre, caramelized fennel, and a buttery, flaky crust, this is made for your Easter meal.

Pan con Tomate with Garrotxa Cheese


Pan con Tomate is a traditional Catalan dish of bread that is toasted and rubbed with fresh garlic then topped with crushed or grated tomatoes, olive oil and salt and pepper. While savory, it is usually served as part of a traditional breakfast! So liven up your next morning meal with this recipe made extra […]

New Orleans Beignets


It’s almost Mardi Gras, and since we can’t be in New Orleans during this festive time of year, we’ll be making classic New Orleans Beignets for breakfast next week! Make a cup of chicory coffee to drink alongside and you’ll swear you’re at Cafe du Monde!